Saturday, August 14, 2010

Using Web 2.0 to increase traffic to website

With the increasingly rapid development of information technology with the advent of Web 2.0 has brought many benefits to Internet users. For webmasters, how to increase the number of visitors on their webiste is what needs to be aware. One application of Web 2.0 technology is used in this book mark pages to increase traffic to your website.

The main purpose of the book mark pages is intended to help Web surfers can store their favorite sites to visit and then later can not save a position other. The webmaster of this tool again with a slightly different purpose as they go a bit to save the message on the address of their website. The fact that they save these addresses are completely comply with the use of the mark book pages as if they are not too abusive to save these pages so much that is known as spam.

You use these tools effectively and remember not to abuse the account to be deleted when the book mark this page seems to see you spam.

First, you should register with the site bookmarked khaon the list below. After registration, you must log in to your account and activate the account by clicking on the activation link is sent to your mailbox invisible when you register.

There are two ways to bookmark:

The first: when you install a plug in to the end of each of your posts are now up but bookmark this page and you just click on it and filling in some villages on the tag or description and then remember submit.Nen that you have previously logged into the account book mark pages I nay.Theo, the registration process, you choose a password easy to remember and when the house of [this password should be saved for each time after you are not registered Added anymore.

The second way : as you log into your account, select the bookmark and complete information about the url, tags, description, … then this submit.Cach apply your article is not available to support the site bookmarked.

Below is a list of pages you can bookmark the application: (Some sites are recorded in fees last link is page rank )

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