Saturday, August 14, 2010

12 Golden Rules When Playing Google AdSense

Necessarily when you join adsense was too clear to these guidelines. However, many new bloggers join the adsense did not crave to make comments or deliberately ignored the first principle real estate help you secure the participation money online with Google Adsense.

If you clearly understand the following principles will ensure that you do not you worry what the participants make money with adsense again.

* Do not encourage the reader click on the ads.

* Do not place ads on pages with no content in the pop-ups, pop-under, 404 error page, registration page or pages like that.

* Do not be confused with advertising content as the reader can not distinguish.

* Do not use the script automatically click.

* Do not participate in "group click" click to talk among members of the group.

* Do not place more than the maximum number of ads that Google allows on one page.

* Do not create more than one adsense account. You can use one account on multiple pages.

* Do not adjust your adsense code in any form.

* Do not redirect the user from the pages of the advertiser (that is when they click they will not be transferred to another page to its own purposes).

* Do not automatically click on their ads (even when you try to test).

* Do not place ads on pages with content prohibited as sex … …

* Do not buy the site / domain has been banned specific page on the MFA (Made for Adsense – the site is only intended to generate adsense ads).

Department dĩ their synthesis is by many bloggers today are drowsiness on adsense. They do not crave to read adsense policy without attention to the terms of service, nor do you need to know is right or wrong, provided that daily copy of the account is to be increased.

Who also want the money up, but increased by violating the policy after the first Google also punished. It is inevitable that if bloggers want to do long-term with Google, they must comply with all terms of service and their policies. A series of topic with very basic questions were posed on in recent times. That is why his general with the hope to help newbies part.

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