Saturday, October 30, 2010

Top Blogger Templates

I recently I have been working on some new blogs, which I have been using to host. However, I found that the templates that were available to use I really did care for so I have been searching the net try to find some templates that would fit my desired layout. I have come across so great sites that have 1000’s of blogger templates. I have complied a list of the top five that I have come across and have listed them for you. If you are a blogger using and are looking to give my blog a new look I would recommend that you give these sites a look and see if you can find a template that you like. If you have a site that offers high quality blogger templates. Please feel free to share it with other readers.

* eblogtemplates
* Btemplates
* blogger-templates.blogspot
* blogspottemplate
* Mashable

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reetu said...

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