Saturday, April 2, 2011

How To Make Money Online with Google AdWords?

When talking about Google AdWords, I am sure that most of you will think about the biggest advertising content network operated by Google and the only thing you can do with it is to spend money and earn traffic. However, have you ever thought that you can make money with Google AdWords?

I am not master of AdWords but I know how to use it and how to maximize my invested money to make it profitable. If I spend $10 for AdWords, I have to think about how that $10 can bring me $50 or even $100. This strategy has long time been applied by big affiliate and internet marketers. Most of them who wrote ebooks for sale on clickbank used Google AdWords as the key tool.

Google AdWords is there for everyone and you do not need to work for it in order to make money. You can use it as a tool for cash generating purpose. Let make it simple that you pay for Google $10 per day and you can possibly make $100 from your $10. That is the simple formula and you need to know.

Everyone has used Google at one time to search for something. They might be looking for a fact or they may be looking for a product or service. When you have done that, you have used a particular word or phrase called a keyword. Those words are the primary feature when you are ready to earn money with AdWords – the keywords that you will be using to create your own Google ad.

Every time that you do a search, there is millions of results that are generated. Each keyword is listed by a number of factors and you can easily learn it like quality score. On every page of these results, there will be several ads that are listed and normally short ads that are meant to catch your eyes and get you to click on that particular link. Those are Google ads, created with Google AdWords and that is how you will be making money.

All you need is to create a free account with Google AdWords and everyone can do it without any risks. You can learn from it or reading tutorials on how it operates to get the right points to convert it into your own money later. The only thing that you need to know is to understand its features and how to make your ads as much visible as possible to your targeted audiences.

Obviously, you won’t make money with AdWords if your ads are being shown to the wrong people, a major problem when using the ad for services that obviously would only be able to be performed in a local area. So, you must remember and keep it in mind as always that you need to get targeted clients for every clicks generated who can make purchase.

I can give you a simple example as below:

You are promoting for couponpress – the most popular tool that can convert your wordpress into coupon sites. You make money by referring your readers to buy it via your affiliate links and earn commission. Several clicks of $1 each can bring you hundreds of USD. But, how to make your ads stand out in Google search results page and get people click and buy it? You need to have a good ad copy as below:

Make money by saving others cash!
Turn your wordpress blog into a cash generator in less than 10 mins

With that small ad copy, I am sure you can drive many people click on it and you will likely make purchase too. You can be charged $1-$5 per click but those clicks can be converted into hundreds of USD.

Remember that, you should pay close attention to your campaigns and well prepared for all ad copy. Keep your daily budget as much low as you can afford to be safe and changed campaign every two weeks if one can not convert well.

What do you think about this?

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