Friday, October 28, 2011

Chitika Blog | Getting Started With Chitika Ads on Blogger

As some of you have probably noticed, Blogger’s layout has changed a little since we last updated our FAQ’s. This post will be helpful to those of you new to Chitika and/or Blogger.

Posting on Blogger From Your Chitika Account

There is a way to post Chitika ads to your Blogger account right after you create your code within your Chitika account. After selecting “Ad Setup”, “Get Code”, and customizing your ad, you can use our “Add to Blogger” widget at the bottom of the page:

his will automatically post the ads to your blog.

*Note: Widget not currently available for List Unit ads.
Posting Chitika Ads From Your Blogger Account

You can also post Chitika ads within your Blogger account. From your account homepage, click “Design.”

Next, you will see a layout of your blog with some blocks that say “Add a Gadget.” This is where you can post Chitika ads. Also note that these blocks can be moved around by dragging them with your mouse. Click whichever one you like.

After you select one of these blocks, a little screen will pop up that says “Basics” with a list of 24 gadgets. Select the 8th one down, titled “HTML/Javascript.”

After you select this gadget, you will see a place to add a title and then the box to paste your ad code. You can title the ad block whatever you like, as long as it doesn’t say “Click Here,” or something along those lines (it is against our Terms and Conditions). Some users like “Chitika” or “Related Results.”

Finally, to preview the ads Chitika Premium ads on your blog, you can add #chitikatest=keyword to the end of your URL. For example:

Do any Blogger users have other tips they would like to share?

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