Saturday, June 2, 2012

Making Money Online with DonkeyMails

What is DonkeyMails? No Minimum Payout
DonkeyMails is a GPT site featuring multiple ways of making money. It includes - Paid to Click, Paid to Sign Up, Paid to Review, Paid to Promote, Paid to Read, and many more..
Here's information about each one.
1. Paid to Click - This feature is accessed through the link "Paid2Click" on the site's menu. You will be prompt with a list of banners to click, along with the amount you can earn from clicking each ad. Rates for Paid to Click include $0.01, $0.005, and $0.0025 per ad.
2. Paid to Sign Up - To access this service, click on "Paid2SignUp" on the site menu. There are many offers with instructions listed in order from highest paying to lowest paying. Most of the offers pay approximately $0.10.
3. Paid to Review - It's accessed through the link "Get Paid to Review" on the site menu. You will be prompt with a list of websites along with instructions and a text box. Read the instructions and enter whatever they tell you to enter in the text box. The average pay for this service is $0.05.
4. Paid to Promote - This is located in the link "Paid to Promote". There you will see 2 links for you to promote - one that earns you credit (which can be converted to money) and one that earns you points (used for advertising your own website). For every 1000 unique views your link gets, you will receive $0.50 or 2000 points.
5. Paid to Read - This is one of the more popular features of the website due to its convenience. Basically, this service is the same as the Pay to Click part of the website, except that the ads are emailed to you directly. Depending on what interests you selected on your profile, DonkeyMails will send out the ads accordingly.
Payment Information
Payments are sent out every 2 weeks. You can cash out using either PayPal, AlertPay, or LibertyReserve.
How much do I need to cash out?
For PayPal and AlertPay, you need a minimum of $1.00. However, for LibertyReserve you only need to have earned $0.01.
Referral Benefits
What makes DonkeyMails worthwhile, is its referral system. To be honest, you won't be making a lot of money regardless of how dedicated you are, with only yourself clicking on advertisements. You need referrals as well. DonkeyMails referral system allows for 5 levels of referral commissions to be earned. The percentages for each level are as followed:
1st Level (Direct referral) - 10% 2nd Level (Referral's referral) - 5% 3rd Level (Referral's referral's referral) - 3% 4th Level ( forth) - 2% 5th Level - 1%
As you can see, the extensive referral system allows for an extremely high earning potential. This is why DonkeyMails is one of the best PTC sites around. With some effort into getting referrals you will be generating some nice profits in time.
Proof of Payment

Seeing as how this may seem too good to be true, here is a payment proof from one of the members of the website.
With some work you can be earning a lot more than this. Also, they have a list of paid members on the DonkeyMails website: Conclusion
DonkeyMails is overall an incredible and reliable site that can earn you a lot of extra money. Give it a try. You won't regret it. Sign up here

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