Wednesday, April 27, 2011

7 Useful Google AdSense Tips to be Noted

There are so many AdSense Tips available on the internet that can be used to improve our AdSense earning. Some of that can be found on this Blogging Tips Blog. However, many of the AdSense Tips is not worth to try since there are many that only the scams or based on myth. So, we should be very careful to follow each AdSense Tips that found on the internet. I have went through so many Google AdSense tips and experience which one is useful and which one is not.

So, here I am now, offers the 7 Google AdSense Tips that I found it useful during my Google AdSenes venture. I hope this sharing can save the reader’s time and not spend their precious time with the scam and myth Google AdSense Tips.

Google AdSense Tips
AdSense Tip #1. Choose the Right Niche

It is the first step in how to make money with Google AdSense which is the most important one in my opinion. It is because this niche will become the foundation for the entire making money with Google AdSense venture. It can be said that if choose the niche wrongly, it is impossible to make money from Google AdSense. Based on my experience, if want to make profit from Google AdSense, we should choose the consumers niche such as cellphone, broadband service, computer, etc. The consumers niche is perfect for Google AdSense venture since there are so many topics available, fat search traffic, and many advertisers.
AdSense Tip #2. Target the Right Keywords

After choose the right niche, do the heavy research to find out the right keywords that will be targeted to rank high on the search engine. As ideal, it should be the high paying keyword (HPK) which offers very high cost per click (CPC). As example, It is surely a big success in Google AdSense venture if can rank high in the “insurance quote” keyword. However, I suggest to not target the very high paying keywords since the competition will be like a hell. Try to find the middle paying keywords (US$1-5 CPC) with enough traffic. We can use the free Google Keyword Tool External for it.
AdSense Tip #3. Buy The Right Domain Name

After find the right keywords to be targeted, find the domain name which includes the targeted keywords in the domain name. From my own experience, Google Search engine give more weight to keywords in the domain name. Of course, that’s is not everything. We should still work hard to optimize our blog/site to rank better in search engine but the keywords domain name is still good as starting point. Beside the keywords, it is also important to choose the quality domain registrar so we will not experience any problem regarding the domain name service. Based on my experience, I suggest to use the GoDaddy Registrar service for your keywords domain name.
AdSense Tip #4. Buy The Right Web Hosting Service

After secure the keywords domain name, now, it is time to build the blog/site. It is surely needed a web hosting service for it. We need very careful to choose the best available web hosting service since our blog/site performance will be fully depended on it. It is hard to hit the Google AdSense success if our site/blog is often slow or down because of bad web hosting service. Also that, it is important to choose a web hosting that offers enough resources. For this needs. I suggest to go with unlimited shared web hosting plan as first step. The Hostgator’s unlimited shared web hosting plans will be perfect. I have experienced the best of HostGator web hosting service for the last one year.
AdSense Tip #5. Do The Right Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For Google AdSense venture, the most important traffic type is the search engine traffic – the Google Search Engine traffic indeed. Therefore we should focus to search engine optimization (SEO) for our site/blog traffic generation. There are many ways available to do the SEO which can be grouped into white-hat and black-hat SEO. It is true that the black-hat SEO may brings instant result but I suggest that we only do the white-hat SEO since it is better for long term. Please be informed that there is no instant way in making money online includes Making Money with Google AdSense.
AdSense Tip #6. Do the Google AdSense Experiments

I always say that Google AdSense is about never ending experiments until find the best that works for your site/blog. The Google AdSense experiments cover the format, colors, and placement. There is no exact Google AdSense’s format, colors, and placement that work universal. So, it is always needed a experiment to find which format, colors, and placement that produce the optimum AdSense earning for your site/blog. If need the Google AdSense experiments idea, here, you can find the complete Google AdSense Experiments scenario.
AdSense Tip #7. Do Continuous Reviews

Yeah, you may have found the best AdSense’s format, colors, and placement but please be aware that it is not eternal. The earning may decrease even though we still use the last best format, colors, and placement. That’s why we need to always review our Google AdSense performance. I suggest to do weekly Google AdSense performance reviews. If find the dropped earning performance, we must act to find the cause. It may be because the low traffic so we need to re-do the search engine optimization (SEO). It may also be because the format, colors, and placement so we need to re-do the Google AdSense experiments.
Final Words

There are surely many AdSense Tips available on the internet that claimed can be used to improve our Google AdSense earning but believe me, there are many that only the scam or myth AdSense Tips. I experienced it by my self. So, via this blog post, I offers 7 ordered Google AdSense Tips that have been proven to work. I hope with these 7 AdSense Tips you have the appropriate weapons to gain success on your Google AdSense venture.

That’s all update this time, wait for next update!

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