Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How To Get Free Backlinks for Your Blog

As we know, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important aspect on blogging since it can drive the massive targeted and legitimate traffic to our blog for free. For your information, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to optimize the search engine so our blog achieve high SERP (Search Engine Result Page) position for targeted keywords. Based on my experience, we can only get the significant traffic from search engine if our blog appears on the first page of SERP which means on the top ten position.

And the traffic even more significant if our blog appears on the above the fold on SERP which means that our blog should on the top six position for the targeted keywords. However It is kind hard to achieve this high SERP position. We surely need to do a lot of hard work for it. One important aspect to achieve this high SERP position is the backlinks. It is not only regular backlinks but the high quality backlinks which means that the backlinks should be from the high quality and relevant sites/blogs with the targeted keywords as backlinks anchor.

Search Engine Optimization

These days, it is very hard to get a backlinks if you do not know how to get it. It is even that there are many people spend thousands dollars to get these high quality backlinks. But, of course thousands dollars spending is only for the big websites, blogs, or companies that has enough budget to spend as well as they are busy enough and do not has enough time to build the links by their own. For us, as bloggers that make friends with time but not yet make decent money, paying thousands dollars for backlinks is surely out of question.

Fortunately, as long as we has the times with us, we can easily get the high quality backlinks for free. We can easily get the free high quality backlinks from:
1. Free Blog Services

We can always create free blog services (as like or as blogs backlinks support networks. Based on my experience, it is quite easy to achieve high rank blog on this free blog. Also that, we can create it for free so no need spend any money to create a lot of blogs based on our needs. After the blogs that on the free blog platform achieve the high rank, we can always use it to achive the intended backlinks to our main blogs. I called this way is a free and high quality way but with more time to be spent on it.
2. The Blog Itself

Yeah, we can get the high quality backlinks for the targeted keywords easily from the Blog itself. This technique is part of On-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in where we utilize the Blog part to improve the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) position. In my opinion, this way is the most fast and easy to build the high quality for targeted keywords. It is because we can freely use each of our blog part to link to another blog part. As example, we can freely links with the needed anchor text to one of our blog post from another blog post.
3. Keyword Luv

Keyword Luv is a commenting WordPress plugins that allows commenters to link to their blog with targeted anchor text. It means that we can easily get the backlinks from other blogs as long as the blogs install the Keyword Luv plugin. We just need to leave the legitimate comments on that blog and use intended keywords on comments form’s name area. Please note that we should comments on the dofollow blogs if want to get optimum result from this Keyword Luv backlinks way.
4. Comment Luv

Comment Luv backlinks way is similar with Keyword Luv backlinks way. We utilize the commenting venture to get the high quality backlinks in here. For your information, Comment Luv is a WordPress plugin (also has been available for blog) that allows users to leave the links to their latest blog post for each comments. This Comment Luv baclinks way is the easy and free way to achieve enough backlinks to our blog posts.
5. Forum

There are so many forums available on around internet that wa can utilize as the free backlinks source for our blog. It is quite easy to get the high quality backlinks from forum. The hard part is to find the right forum for our blogs. We can has the backlinks from forum profile page or from forum signature. Please note that many forums will need you to do some interaction before you can put the links on your profile or signature. So, it can be said that Forum backlinks way may need the times to spend.
6. Guest Posting

From the last Google Search Engine Algorithm update, we can determine that the blog contents become more precious if compare with other part of blog. It means that the most quality backlinks is the baclinks on the blog contents/posts. However it is hard to get the backlinks from blog contnets in natural way. Fortunately we can always utilize the guest posting to get this precious high quality backlinks. We can do guest post on the high rank and quality blogs and get two or three backlinks from the contents area to our blog with the targeted keywords for free.

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